He delivers voice work to production companies, ad agencies, TV stations and radio stations on a daily basis across the U.S. and even internationally.  He has voiced commercials, industrial demonstration videos, training videos, MOH and he is even the voice of several touch activated globes in museums.  

Working with Fred is easy as he delivers your audio in a flash.  Usually within  hours for commercial work and as quickly as the next day for longer projects.  Call anytime with a question or to  have Fred audition for your next project.  Get Fred's Voice today at 502-387-3015.

Fred has been a full-time Voice Actor for more than a decade. He is called upon by production companies, advertising agencies, radio stations and TV stations, for his voice and for his skill as a writer.  His custom built personal studio includes a Neuman TLM 103 an Avid pre-amp and an extremely low noise floor so he can deliver crystal clear audio.